Cancer Screenings for First Responders

Laura has taken on the cancer crisis among first responders, leading the way in creating a visionary multi-departmental program for first responder cancer screenings. This program has already caught 142 cancers early and serves as a national and international model for screening and treatment for first responders.


As the Phoenix representative on the Valley Metro Board of Directors, Laura has worked tirelessly to increase the number of routes for the Phoenix Light Rail System and has ensured that more bus routes have been added for Phoenix families. Laura knows that it’s critical to ensure that the city continues to be connected and for people to access.

Affordable Housing

Since taking office, Laura has worked tirelessly with community advocates to try to find solutions to Phoenix’s severe lack of quality affordable housing. Senior, veteran, and workforce housing are just some of her completed projects for the community of District 4.

Jobs & Economy

Laura Pastor is the current chair of the Economic Development and Equity Subcommittee where she has worked on nearly 15 million square feet of projects worth more than $20 billion in capital investment that has facilitated more than 75,000 high wage-jobs for Phoenicians.


Laura is running for Congress to address Arizona's water crisis, economic disparity across the state, and to advance reproductive healthcare. She has witnessed firsthand the impact of these critical issues on her community and is committed to finding solutions that benefit everyone.